Huram Art & Design

Like their namesake of old, Huram-abi, a master craftsman in King Solomon’s court during biblical times, Huram Art & Design is renowned for their fine craftsmanship in creating 3D sculptures.

Huram Art & Design commissioned us to design their logo and create a new corporate visual identity that represents the excellent craftsmanship that they deliver.

The new logo encapsulates the creativity of the human mind and the mastery of the hand in wielding a tool to produce finely crafted pieces of art. The logo is designed in the shape of a pointed chisel inlaid with the shape of the human profile and a hand.

Steel grey and mahogany brown are the corporate colours used for their logo and marketing collaterals.

Apart from the logo design, the project included developing the entire visual identity materials from corporate stationery, corporate portfolio to signage and a website optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

Huram Art & Deisgn saw an increase in sales after their website went live and the marketing collaterals were used for promotions. This is a testament of how we can help you boost your business by creating a strong visual identity and well designed collaterals.

logo design Lim Yeng Shiow / company profile Eddy Koh / website design Imteractive / 2010